Fellmannia – a meeting place for learners


Fellmannia, a regional and international meeting place for learners, was opened in August 2011 in Lahti, Finland. The six-storey building provides spaces where people can gather, mix, socialize and exchange ideas, while giving the latest opportunities for learning in an online environment. Fellmannia has the will and an innovative approach to improve the student experience.

Life in digital age

Fellmannia offers a wealth of digital content. There is a room especially dedicated to digital resources, offering multiple databases in a modern setting, including a large screen with motion control. An information specialist is daily available to help users personally in information seeking. Tailor-made sessions include finding and using databases relevant to the student’s subject of study, guidance in assessing information and help in citing electronic information.
The whole building is equipped with modern technology for teaching and learning. Fellmannia is well-suited for holding video meetings or satellite conferences, for example. All users are welcome to utilise digital content, the wireless network, many computers and also the wall screens, from where they can read daily newspapers from all around the globe, search for high-quality information or just browse.

Service design to promote learning experience

All users can enjoy the cosy and innovative environment. For instance, the Flora and Fauna winter gardens are excellent for studying, relaxing or even brainstorming!

Students with valid library cards may book quiet group study rooms for free. All around the building there are also various kinds of study areas and reading corners with comfortable chairs or sofas. A quiet area for university students writing their thesis and rentable research rooms for long-term use are available 24/7. Fellmannia also provides laptops and even lends tuned-up bicycles.


Fellmannia possesses the World Design Capital 2012 status, which stands for continuous improvement of services in cooperation with users. Students participate in designing spaces and services; the general idea is to do things that students really need, and students give the necessary input.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development has been a focal point of all activity from the very beginning.  Fellmannia aims to be a paperless and car-free environment by changing the way people study and work, and the digital collection plays a significant role by being accessible without the need to travel. Fellmannia is also enhancing the lively urban environment by bringing students into the heart of the city.

To promote changing thought patterns, Fellmannia focuses on information management and providing digital resources together with information skills training, turning local learning to global e-learning.


Fellmannia is dedicated to serving all clients as equally as possible. The building features wheelchair ramps and lifts to ensure easy access. There are also disabled accessible toilets, and the auditorium is equipped with an induction loop.


Fellmannia thrives on cooperation between the Lahti Region Educational Consortium, Lahti University Consortium and the City of Lahti, serving their students and staff, as well as other users and customers needing high quality information.

Fellmannia  [MAP]
Kirkkokatu 27, 15140 Lahti, Finland
Mon-Fri  8am – 9pm | Sat&Sun 10am – 4pm


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