Musical material from JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä University and Jyväskylä College will be compiled at the library of the Finnish music campus. The library is a quiet space where music, however, will be playing all the time through headphones and in a sound-proofed studio. Western art music makes up most of the collection, but popular music is rapidly gaining ground.

At the library, students can
•    receive help for their music listening exams and for watching concert recordings at home from the recording and video archive  
•    familiarise themselves with internet material, the most popular of which is the electronic sheet music archive and the electronic sound archive
•    read scores directly via a portable reader
•    use the library’s equipment to create the musical section of their theses
•    receive personal instruction on searching for information so that they learn to find expert-level information in any type of format
•    record, edit, mix and master their playing in a studio
•    create music videos
•    watch lectures in classrooms using a remote connection
•    play music with their friends in small bands
•    participate in video conferences, such as group work and online meetings – they can, for example, complete a master course from the other side of the world
•    continue to use the library’s services after they graduate, as entrepreneurs in the music business, for example.


Library space of 340 square metres + storage room
550 key customers: students and staff
250 visitors on average per day
2.5 man-years
30,000 physical sources (scores, sheet music, CD’s, DVD’s, books, magazines)
Lots of electronic material, including a sound archive with 70,000 recordings, 8,300 electronic scores and 180 music magazines.

Jyväskylä Libraries Make It Happen
The poster of the Jyväskylä Libraries will present the cooperation between the libraries of different sectors in Jyväskylä, Finland. The cooperation that began in 2003 is now a part of everyday life in the four participating libraries.

Participating libraries are

•    JAMK University of Applied Sciences library
•    Jyväskylä City Library - Regional Library of Central Finland
•    Jyväskylä University Library
•    Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Library


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