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    Minna Marjamaa  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    Editorial: Welcome to the UAS Libraries in Finland!

    Never heard of a UAS? The Finnish higher education system is based on a dual model of universities of applied sciences and universities, both of which have different kinds of profiles and missions. The universities of applied sciences are mainly multidisciplinary and regional institutions of higher education that focus on interacting with the labour market and regional development. They provide professionally oriented education with emphasis on both theory and practice, and offer programmes for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees alike.


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    Information Service Manager Sinikka Luokkanen ,  Library Director Jarmo Saarti ,  Information Systems Manager Tommi Jauhiainen ,  Information Systems Specialist Lassi Lager  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    Towards a new library system

    Finnish library sectors together with the National Library of Finland formed a joint committee in order to assess the feasibility of a new comprehensive library system, possibly an open source solution. Planning for the acquisition of a new library system has been started; the concept is to try to establish a joint system with common databases for all the libraries in all sectors willing to collaborate in this effort. In August 2012, the first phase of process management by the joint committee is still under way. Read the latest news about library system project.

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    Hanna Lahtinen  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    Learning Libraries – Building an open network for sharing cases on customer-centered research

    Learning Libraries -network was started in the Spring of 2011. The aim of the network is to support developing library services by sharing experiences and ideas on user-centered/driven methods and various forms of action, also to increase awareness about them. The network is open to everyone interested across the organization boundaries.


  • Information Specialist Eeva-Liisa Eskola  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    Exploring the Virtual Worlds. Enhancing E-learning in Cooperation with Students, Librarians and Student Counseling.

    This article presents two projects of the library, the student counselling office, and the degree programme of library and information services at the Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), in which a virtual world, Second Life, was used. TUAS is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Finland. It is a multi-branch educational community of some 9,500 students and 800 experts, offering education that develops working life and entrepreneurship, research and development services (R&D) and holistic development of organisations.

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    Information Specialist Minna Marjamaa  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    Open Repository Theseus – a One Stop Shop for the research of the Universities of Applied Sciences

    Theseus is the biggest Open Repository in Finland with over 12,000 theses completed yearly in the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS). The basis for research in UAS lies in the development of working life and collaboration with enterprises. Theseus is a service offered by AMKIT Consortium and administered by Arene ry, the Rectors' Conference of Finnish UAS. Here is a short look at the development done in Open Access publishing in Finnish UASs.

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    Entrepreneur Ilpo Jääskeläinen ,  Systems Designer Jouni Jääskeläinen  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    And Or Not? Information Retrieval Game

    And Or Not is a platform game for handheld devices and browsers. Currently supported operating systems are Mac OS X, Windows OS, Android and iPhone. The game lets players choose the character of a boy student boy or a girl student. After that the professor will give a subject and the mission is to find the correct books from the shelves. The player has to use common Boolean operators familiar from most search engines in order to find the right publications in time.

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    Information Specialist Erja Huovila ,  Information Specialist Kaisa Puttonen  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    Information specialist’s new role, a paper in IFLA 2012, Helsinki

    Libraries will continue to be a significant part of society, although their role is changing. Therefore it is important to find and implement in practice different ways of working with others outside the library. As information specialists at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland, we took on a new role as partners in projects. We are presenting a paper in IFLA 2012 in Helsinki about our experiences. The paper “Information specialist influences when collaborating in projects” discusses two projects in which information specialists contributed as equal partners during the project process.  


  • Information Services Secretary Anita Segerstedt  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    Fellmannia – a meeting place for learners

    Fellmannia, a regional and international meeting place for learners, was opened in August 2011 in Lahti, Finland. The six-storey building provides spaces where people can gather, mix, socialize and exchange ideas, while giving the latest opportunities for learning in an online environment. Fellmannia has the will and an innovative approach to improve the student experience.

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    Information Specialist Leena Rantamäki  - 13.11.2012, 15:57


    Metropolia is the largest multidisciplinary university of applied sciences in Finland, operating in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Metropolia offers degree programmes in the fields of business, culture, health care & social services and technology. The Metropolia library and information services have nine library units and three partner library units in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

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    Information Specialist Pekka Malvela ,  Keeper Sari Mäenpää  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    Information Centre Vellamo – A one-stop source for library and archive information

    Information Centre Vellamo in the town of Kotka offers archive and library services for students, researchers and a wide range of visitors interested in either maritime-related topics or local history. In Finland, the Information Centre is a unique example of collaboration, where higher education libraries and museums have joined hands.

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    Information Specialist Suvi Perttula  - 13.11.2012, 15:57


    Musical material from JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä University and Jyväskylä College will be compiled at the library of the Finnish music campus. The library is a quiet space where music, however, will be playing all the time through headphones and in a sound-proofed studio. Western art music makes up most of the collection, but popular music is rapidly gaining ground.

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    Information Specialist Leena Elenius ,  Information Specialist Silja Saarikoski  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    The Health Library of the Seinäjoki Academic Library

    The Health Library of the Seinäjoki Academic Library is the official host location of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) congress. The congress will be hosted in cooperation with the Seinäjoki Public Library. The libraries are prepared to receive international congress guests from across the world. The Health Library is a joint venture between two organisations, the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and the South Ostrobothnia Hospital District. The Health Library will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year.

  • HUMAK Pirjo Kangas Information specialist  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    HUMAK library - library work in a network organization

    HUMAK is Finland’s smallest University of Applied Sciences that operates as a nationwide network organization. HUMAK’s library is a network of small campus libraries near HUMAK’s campuses around Finland. The basic idea has been to arrange the services in collaboration with the libraries of other institutions. On one hand, the network model poses many challenges for organizing uniform library services on different campuses but on the other, collaboration with other libraries is beneficial. 

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    Laurea Kaija Penttilä Information Specialist ,  Haaga-helia Suvi Korpi Information Specialist ,  Kaija Penttilä ,  Päivi Toivanen  - 13.11.2012, 15:57


    In Porvoo, two university of applied sciences units are operating under the same roof: HAAGA-HELIA and Laurea. Together they form the Porvoo Campus, a centre for multiculturalism, learning and business. The campus is an important meeting place in Porvoo, promoting new ways of thinking, networking and successful business through its operations in the city. The universities of applied sciences moved into the shared facilities at the end of 2010 when the new building was completed. The campus houses nursing, tourism and business degree programmes, and has approximately 1,300 students and around 100 members of staff.


  • Information Specialist Kaisa Puttonen ,  Information Specialist Minna Marjamaa  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    Library as Living Lab environment – further developments after winning the IFLA conference poster in Puerto Rico 2011

    A year ago a poster presented by Kaisa Puttonen (Information Specialist) and Satu Hyökki (Project Manager) from Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland, was the best IFLA 2011 poster session winner. There were 165 posters from all around the world on display, with nine from Finland. I asked my colleague Kaisa Puttonen about the past year and developing the library as an open living lab environment.


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    Information Specialist Kirsti Karttunen  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    Cooperation, networking and internationalisation at the Library of Mikkeli UAS

    Networking has been active for over ten years at the Mikkeli Region libraries. The Minister of Education opened the Mikkeli Library Network Mikki at the beginning of September 2001. Mikki is the concrete and practical result of the cooperation between Aalto University School of Economics Mikkeli Business Campus Library, Helsinki University Ruralia Institute Library, the Finnish Youth Institute Paukkula Library, and the Library and Information Services of Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), which comprise the Campus Library (Mikkeli), the Nikkarila Library (in Pieksämäki, shared with ESEDU), and the Savonniemi Campus Library (in Savonlinna).

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    Minna Marjamaa  - 13.11.2012, 15:57

    AMKIT Consortium and the future of libraries – Interview with the president and a closer look at the Consortium’s work

    What is the AMKIT Consortium and who works there? I interviewed Sinikka Luokkanen, the Chairman of the Consortium, and asked what the future of libraries looks like. In addition, we will take a peek inside the AMKIT Consortium’s office to see what’s going on there.